APS Film Services
Pricing your APS roll is based on the which format you shot your pictures in. Price is calculated by
quantity, print size and developing. The first time your roll is printed you will receive whatever size your
camera was set to per print.
Second set 1/2 price. On reprint orders, you may request a different print
We will print the date, in white, on the front lower right corner. You can request that no date be printed at
the time you drop off your order.

We can scan your Advantix film to CD.  See
Scanning / Photo CD services for more information.
*Quantity discounts for 10 or more reprints from the same frame
enlargements from Advantix
The largest we can print on real chemically processed photo paper is 12x36.
 For larger print sizes see
poster prints that are printed with an wide format
archival ink jet printer.
When Quality Counts...
Montclair Photo
APS film services