When Quality Counts...
Archive all your old photos to CD or DVD and make duplicate prints of all your memories.

Let Montclair Photo professionally scan all your memories to disc.  Ask about our volume discounts.
Give a CD or a set of prints to your children.  No need to split up photo collections when everyone
can have their own set or at least have a copy on CD.  

* Large volume discount applies to only loose photographs ranging in size from a wallet to an 8x14.   
Any box or bag will work fine.

Picture scanning:   All photos will be scanned up to 600 dpi (means you can make good quality
prints double the size of  your original).

A lifetime of memories can now be archived. Save your images from fading,  and back them up on a

Having memories are very important to us all.  Montclair Photo wants to help you archive your photos.

More information about preparing your photos for scanning is in this PDF document.
Slide Scanning:  Everyone has carousels full of slides that are sitting in boxes fading.  The best
way to bring in your slides is in the carousels or any box.  Ask us about volume discounts.  We will
dust off any loose dust and scan the slides on our professional film scanner.  This scanner is the
latest technology on the market today.  The scanner itself cost $70k.

Our regular price for standard scanning is $3.99 per slide.
 Ask about our volume discounts.
Negative Scanning: Ask us for more information.  There are so many types of negative that the
price will vary from one to the next.  We can scan 110mm, 126mm, 135mm, APS, 120 professional
format, 4x5 bw negatives, and many more sizes.
Montclair Photo