Our commitment to our industry has made us a leader in high tech digital printing. We have acquired the
finest equipment, and invested in the best training for our staff to insure you will receive the best results this
technology has to offer. No matter what kind of digital camera or file you have, we can produce the products
that you need. The only limit is your imagination. Now there are
8 different ways to get your images printed at
Montclair Photo.  Learn more about our
online ordering services.

Unlike other photo labs or online photo processors we individually color correct every image giving you
better looking pictures.

our Noritsu 3212, we can print  from digital images. We have all current digital camera adapters.  Bring
in your files or transfer them online and get high quality prints on real photographic paper. We color correct,
saturate, and adjust the contrast levels so you can have a richer picture. For print sizes and image quality
see our
Resolution Guide. Send us your digital images from home. There are many ways to Upload Your
Order online for FREE. Our printer supports TIFF's, JPG's, Kodak CD's, and digital camera formats.

Digital File Setup Guide

In order for us to provide consistent quality results from your digital image files, we need to create some
standards by which files are created and organized prior to delivery to our lab.  By following these guidelines,
your order be completed in a more timely manner. We have our auto-color correction feature turned off.  
Each image is manually color corrected before it is sent to the printer. This gives you better quality prints.

Digital Camera Media:

We are able to print from Compact Flash (CF), Smart Media (SM), Memory Stick (MS), Secure Digital (SD or
MM), XD, mini CD, and Floppy. Just drop off the media card or use our Kiosk in our lobby to select your

Acceptable file formats are JPEG (.jpg) and TIFF (.tif), RAW, PSD, PDF, and bmp.  Online printing only allows
Do not write any files back to the card from your computer.
We cannot make prints from video clips
Most people find prints made from files with a resolution of 480x640 unacceptable. We recommend a
minimum file resolution of 1200x1600 for quality 4x6 prints. The higher your resolution and
the finer the compression your images will look better.

CD, Thumb Drive (usb flash) and online file delivery:

We accept CDs, usb flash drives, and files through our website. Upload Your Order by (FTP, Drop Box, etc.)

Image files must be JPEG or TIFF (please indicate if your media is MAC format).
All files must be saved in RGB color (8 bit) and not have any layers, alpha channels, paths or LZW
compression. Some times Photoshop 7 jpegs will not print.
File names must have only one period (.) followed by jpg or tif . There cannot be any apostrophes (‘) or
exclamation points (!).
Files should be sized properly to the print size requested to avoid cropping.
We may charge extra to fix or convert your images to the correct format.
For photographic quality results, resolution should be 300 ppi at print size.

CDs with Organized File Folders (OFF System):

For faster turn around, please use the following.

The JPEG and TIFF standards listed above must be met.
Each different print size and paper finish must have a separate folder labeled as such. Example: A folder
named “5x7 Glossy” or “8x10 Matte”.
When Quality Counts...
Digital Prints
* Order online and save
time and money.

* Ask us about large
quantity discounts of the
same image.  You can also
ask to see some  proofs
and pick the best
color/density to reproduce.

* The larges size we can
print on real photographic
paper is 12x36.  Anything
larger is done on our wide
format printer with archival
ink. See
Poster Prints for
more information.
digital prints
Montclair Photo
Other Digital Services
Don't let your memories fade by printing at home. Unlike other photo labs or online photo processors we
individually color correct every image giving you better looking pictures.  Your digital pictures won’t fade
because we print them on real photographic paper that gets chemically processed. Order prints or posters  
Order online and save time and money.  We also have FREE iPhone/Andriod Print Apps
Order prints and posters online
* Online
4x6 prints
are $.39ea