We sell film (35mm, color, bw, e6 slide, 120 format).

We can scan your film - for more information see
 Scanning / Photo CD services.

To ensure consistent color balance, contrast, and density, all our film processes are strictly monitored.
Quality is further enhanced by regular systems cleaning and comprehensive preventative maintenance
programs. We offer a wide range of developing, printing, and digital enhancement options using the
highest quality equipment available today. Don't let all of your memories go to waste by developing your
photos with an inferior photo finishing provider! Every morning we run test strips to make sure our chemistry
is within range before we put our customers rolls in the machine.

At Montclair 1 Hour Photo our experienced photo finishing experts individually view and correct each print for
optimum quality, ensuring that our customers receive the most accurate and beautiful photographs

We have been making quality prints since 1979 and you will be hard pressed to find a store with employees
having more collective experience than ours.

We only charge for the prints we print. We do not print pictures that are blurred, very under or over exposed,
or prints that look like they were shot to waste the roll. If you do want all your prints printed please let us
know at time of drop off. Your choice of glossy or matte finishing.

Reprints and enlargements are a great way to share fun and memories with family and friends. With our
enlargements we offer all the popular sizes and can even create custom sizes for any occasion. Cropping  
and red eye removal are available as well. Ask one of our staff to help you with the special way you need
your enlargement cropped. If you have a print you would like us to color match, please make sure it is
enclosed in your original order.

Color Matching: We have the ability to very closely match most prints brought to our lab. However, please
be aware that due to the characteristics of photographic material, a slight variation cannot be avoided. If you
had your original printed elsewhere, using different paper and chemicals, there will be a slight difference in
color, contrast and density. We promise to make every effort to satisfy your request.
The largest we can print on real chemically processed photo paper is 12x36.  For
larger print sizes see
poster prints that are printed with an wide format archival ink jet
When Quality Counts...
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