Montclair Photo can now make flip books from your digital camera movies.  Bring in
any movie 15 seconds to 30 seconds and we will create you a flip book.  We can
also make flipbooks from longer movies, but the longer your movie is the less
frames per second are fanned making the movie a little choppy.

Flip books can also be made from your sketches.  Submit about 80 frames and we
will make you a flip book.
When Quality Counts...
flip books from digital camera vidoes
The first flip book is ....................................... $19.99
A second copy of the same flipbook is ...... $14.99
Additional discounts for more.  

Flip books are printed in-house on 60lb cover stock.  size: 2.5" x 5"
Flip Books are printed on 100% Recycled Paper.
Tips:  What makes a good flipbook is if the camera stays steady and only the
subject is moving.  This way your eyes stay on the subject and the background
isn't busy with any type of motion.

We can also make flip books from your sketches.
Montclair Photo
flipbooks from digital movies
An online video uploader is being created.  For now you can only order in-house.

When you drop off your order tell us what color you want the cover  to be and the
title for your flip book.
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