At Montclair 1 Hour Photo we are pleased to offer digital prints from our Fuji Frontier 370.  The revolutionary
Fuji Frontier has set the standard for printing digital files onto silver halide paper, making strikingly realistic
photos from all sorts of digital media input. The combination of the Fuji Frontier in the hands of experienced
photo experts delivers the best possible results. This machine allows our skilled technicians to use video
monitors to carefully check and color correct every photo before we print it or scan it. We use the Frontier's
Scanner to scan your film which gives you a sharper scan than most high-end scanners on the market.

The state-of-the-art Fuji Frontier 370 use an exclusive laser exposure system: specially developed blue and
green solid state lasers along with a red semiconductor laser are used to "paint" the digital image on the
silver halide paper, which is then processed through traditional photographic wet chemistry. The laser
technology minimizes flare and ensures smooth color gradation. The result is razor sharp, vivid prints with
accurate color rendition.

Montclair 1 Hour Photo uses Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper to make your prints. This paper is
specifically designed for the Frontier. Fuji Crystal Archive paper has been judged by independent studies to
be the most fade-resistant paper. We offer glossy and matte finishes. Our matte finish is a true matte, not a
luster finish.
Fuji Frontier 370
Frontier ICC profile
Custom Fuji Frontier 370 Printer ICC profiles
Read more on ICC Profiling here.
* If we are printing your adjusted images,
please let us know that you made
adjustments.  We will print your images
straight without adjusting.
Montclair Photo
Note:  We no longer have a Frontier printer.  We kept the scanner unit for film scanning.

We print all photos on our
Noritsu 3212.