NOTE: Due to security issues with our provider, they switched over to a more secure authentication
system.  You need to set port setting and authentication on your FTP program.  This made transferring
more difficult.  We recommend you use a transfer site like "you send it", "drop box" or "we transfer".

FTP Information:  (request form has been disabled)

s of June 30, 2013 we no longer offer an FTP service.  Please use a transfer site mentioned above.  It's
easy - you upload and put in our email address.  We get a link to download your file.

NOTE: Any files more than 30 days old will be purged. This services is not to be used for long-term storage,
but to transfer files to us for printing.

Having Trouble with FTP using your browser?

Make sure your browser is setup to use FTP. Goto your browsers menu bar: Tools (or View) --> Internet
Options and click on the advanced tab.  Make sure FTP is enabled.   If you still have problems or are using a
dsl modem and/or have a firewall select the "use passive FTP" in the advanced setup.

If that still doesn't work, go to File on the menu bar, select Login As, enter your username and password,
click the save password button, then uncheck the save password button, then click OK. This usually resets
the browser and your list of images and folders should be visible now.

NOTE: Filenames must be simple with not odd characters and spaces.  Make sure your file name has an
extension (ie.: .jpg).  Filenames that start with a dot or a dash will not upload.  If your browser keeps
popping up a login screen, then most likely it has a problem with your filename.

Internet Explorer 7+ browser doesn't support FTP; However, it is possible through your explorer window.  
Follow the steps below if you have Internet Explorer 7.
1) Type in your address bar.
2) You may or may not get a login pop-up screen.  If you do, enter your username and password.  You will
get a "cannot display web page" message. Stay on this page.
3) From the "cannot display web page" go to your menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc...).  Goto "View" --> "Open
FTP Site in Explorer Window"
4) Another window will pop up.  In that window go the menu bar.  File --> select  "Login As".
5) In the pop up window enter your username and password.
6) Drag and drop your images into this blank window.  You cannot drag or create folders.  Make sure your
filenames have no spaces or funny characters.
7) After your upload completes, send us an e-mail with your instructions.

Macs: You need to use an FTP client for Macs.  Take a look at Fetch Softworks and use
as the host name.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  510-339-3686
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