Backup all your photos or you may lose them.  43% of people lose their digital files
by hard drive crashes, viruses, corrupted image, accidental deletion, loss/theft,
natural disasters, etc..
Here are some ways to ARCHIVE your photos locally or online.
CD/ DVD backups:   It takes some time, but making a data CD or DVD off all your images is safer than
storing them on your hard drive. If you have other computers networked, then make a duplicate copy on
another hard drive.  Montclair Photo can make a CD or DVD of your cameras media card.
Swiss Picture Bank
Only does photos
Pay ONCE and it's for life (99yrs)
Starts off from $20 per GB.. price reduces for larger space.
Mozy ... offers 2 GB free
$5/mo unlimited storage per computer
Secure and Encrypted uploads
Backs up all kinds of files formats
Backup entire computer (1/account)
My Other Drive
My Other Drive
My Other Drive ... offers 2 GB free
One account can backup multiple computers
100GB $5/mo, 500GB $10/mo
Photo and File Sharing
Secure and Encrypted Uploads
Automatic or Manual Uploads
Archival or Syncronized Backups
Swiss Picture Bank
Swiss Picture Bank
Burn CD/DVD's or Network
Image Recovery ... Storing your images on your cameras media card is not safe.  Did you know we
can recover lost image from you media card.  
Learn more here.
Image Recovery
Print your pictures. Ever since digital cameras became popular people are not printing their pictures
because they can view their photos instantly.  Remember the old negative days.... Those days people
have shoeboxes and albums full of photos.    
Below is a list of third party companies that do more than just photo backups.  You may
backup other important documents and computer files.

Click on the logo to view their website.
Montclair Photo
Dropbox is somewhat of a cloud based sharing site.  Whatever you put into your dropbox folder will sync
with the cloud and any other computers that share the same folder. You get 2
free GB.  If you want more storage they will charge or give you extra space for referrals.

Note:  If you delete a file, it will be removed from the cloud and other shared computers.  They do have a
30 backup recovery though.