NO WHITE SHIRTS for most countries... Including US.

Mouth Closed... Most countries require your mouth to be closed with a neutral expression.  

No Glasses - Since most countries are now moving to biometric specs and use facial recognition
software we recommend no eye glasses.  Your photo may be rejected even if there is a speck or a light
glare anywhere on the glasses.  If you prefer to wear glasses it will be at your own risk and we will not
be responsible if your photo gets rejected.  This is the same reason teeth cannot be shown.

Infant Passports - Yes we do... Please come in when the infant is awake because the eyes need to be

Note: Our passport photos are printed on REAL photo paper.
* Additional copies: You can also purchase additional
sets - US passports come in sets of 3.
* Some International Country passports come 6 on a
When Quality Counts...
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International Passport Photos
US Passport Photos
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international passport photos
passport / visa photos in Oakland
Passport Photo's are a walk-in service 7 days a week and you
we will have your photos ready in about 10 minutes.  We take a
few pictures and you ask to see the images before we print.

We also do Canadian, Japanese, British, and pretty much any
other country passports and citizenship photos.  

Last passport photos are taken at 5:45pm every day.
Canadian Passport Photo in Oakland
New US Rules... Mouth Closed.. you can make a little smirk.  

For more information on a U.S. Passports and to download application forms visit the US Postal website at

Renewal US Passport PDF Form Passport Renewal Application / Renewal by mail instructions   

For more information on citizenship and immigration go to:  

For info and application for
FIRST TIME applicants go to:

For Passport Cards (can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and
Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry and is more convenient and less expensive than a
passport book)

For more information, fees and download US forms go to:  http:/  

For travel information and requirements go to: (US government site):

For travel info and warnings go to:

Immigration photos are now the same as a regular passport (no side profile).
International Passport Photos
We have lots of country passport specs programmed in our machine.  We have the specs for most
countries or  you can bring in your country's passport specifications and we will print your passport
pictures to those specs.
NO WHITE SHIRTS  - Do not wear a white shirt or top for your Canadian passport photo!

For more information on Canadian passports go to:   

For Canadian Application and Forms go to:       
Did you know Canadian passports have really strict rules?  Over 50%
of the passport photos get rejected.  Trust us.  We know the specs and
have been doing Canadian Passport Photos for about 10 years.

We are recommended on several Canadian websites.  There are
many rules that are not listed on the application form and it is the
reason why so many passport photos get rejected.
One passport set includes 3 photos.  You can order
additional sets if you need more for  visas.