Three ways to order:  

ONLINE: Create your book using our online tools.  You don't have to create it in one sitting.  Simply
save the book online in your account by clicking save or sign in by creating an online account.  The
book will be save for 30 days.  To go back to your project, just sign in and click on your name to view
your saved projects.  Our book covers do not have a window opening.

IN-HOUSE: We can create your custom photo book layout in-house.  You can tell us what you like
and we will create it or schedule an appointment with our digital department and we will work
one-on-one with you.  You can also create the book yourself using our in-store kiosk.

YOU-CREATE: Create your own custom photo books using your own software, such as Adobe
Photoshop or any image editing program,  to our specifications and we will print and bind your
photo book.  You can also use our in-store kiosk to create your book.  We will be there to help you.

Come on in and see our sample books.
When Quality Counts...
We offer complete photobook solutions from designing to binding.  Come on in and have us customize
your book.  We offer several types of books.
photo book options
photo book
We hand make the book casings.  This allows us to create a completely
custom size book with a custom printed cover to cloth or leather.  
Standard Photo Book: These are printed on good quality paper and have a hardcover - printed on our
digital press and perfect bound.  Your choice of a printed cover, linen cloth, or leather.
Layflat Book: These are printed on cardstock and have hardcover.  The spine has a flexible liner which
makes the pages lay very flat.  This book is great for making a quest signature book.
layflat book
Flush Mount Book: These are printed on REAL photo paper. These books lay flat when open and have
a continuous image through the gutter (spine).  The pages are mounted on boards.  We offer two
mounting board thicknesses.  We can also make mini (4x4) flush mount books.
flushmount book
mini flush mount book
These are our mini flush mount books.
They are perfect for your pocket or purse.
photo calendars
We also make custom calendars.
Montclair Photo
photo books
regular photobooks
layflat books
Flush Mount Books
Create Online
All photobooks are hand-made in-house.

Turn-around time: 2-3 days.