Quality Guarantee:  We stand behind all of our services. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your
prints, reprints, digital prints, or enlargements, we will reprint them for you at no charge. We will upon
request match a print as close as technology allows. If you have a print you want matched, please bring it
in with your original order. Orders without an original print for matching will be printed at our normal high
quality standard. Orders of large quantity will require an approval proof before we print the order. Please
be aware that prints from a lab other than our own, can be matched; however, due to the differences in
paper and chemistry, subtle differences are unavoidable. We promise to work with you in a professional
and friendly manner to resolve any problem. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Quality Control Policy: We maintain high standards of quality in every step of your order. Each day our
trained technicians carefully monitor the chemicals used in each machine in our lab. Maintaining the strict
benchmarks that our chemical manufacturer recommends and that you expect, underscores our
commitment to the finest in photo processing.

Color balancing is an art in itself. Our technicians are trained to understand the science of color
balancing, and how to best program the printing equipment to provide you with the consistent quality you
demand. Quality is how YOU see it. We work with each client individually to understand and produce the
color YOU want. Our staff is eager to learn how you like your work. For those of you who haven’t used our
service, please bring in some samples of what YOU like. We’ll make sure you get what you expect when
your order is completed.

Color Matching: We have the ability to very closely match most any print brought to our lab. However,
please be aware that due to the characteristics of photographic material, a slight variation cannot be
avoided. If you had your original printed elsewhere, using different paper and chemicals, there will be a
slight difference in color, contrast and density. We promise to make every effort to satisfy your request.

Hours of operation:  Our 24-hour drop box is conveniently located at the front of our store. Film left in our
drop box will be ready by noon the next day unless other arrangements are made before drop off. See
Night Drop for more information.
We are open every day except New Year's, Easter, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving, and
Christmas day.

Monday-Friday   8-6, Saturday-Sunday 9-6  
*If you're running late call us so we know to expect you a little after closing.

Service Times: We will provide you with the most accurate service times possible. Due to seasonal
volume from the middle of November to the middle of January service times could be longer. If you have a
deadline, we’ll do everything in our power to provide you with the highest quality service in the shortest
amount of time. Split orders (those that require multiple services) may have a longer service time. Please
call or email with questions about service time.  
Rush Service available on any service.

After Hour Work:  You may arrange for us to be open after hours for processing and printing your event
photos.  Ask management for pricing and for more information.

Pick Up and Delivery:  Pick up and delivery service to your place of business are available to select
commercial clients with accounts. Please contact customer service before 10:00a.m. to arrange a pick up
or delivery.  If you would like us to pickup and deliver ask management for pricing.

Payments:  Payments can be made by Cash, Checks, Master Card, Visa, ATM, or American Express.

Insufficient Funds: A $25.00 service charge will be accessed for each check returned due to insufficient

Open Accounts: Open billing accounts are available to select commercial clients and professional
photographers only. Credit applications are available by request. We require a completed credit
application, and two weeks for approval, before an account can be opened. If you have questions, please
contact our manager.

Sales Tax: State sales tax will be charged on every order unless we have a completed sales tax
exemption certificate on file. Forms are available from our lab. We will be happy to fax, email, or mail a
form to you upon request.

Additional Services: For any service not listed, please contact the lab manager by email or phone. We
are continually adding new services. If for any reason we can’t provide a service for you, call us anyway,
we’ll refer you to someone we know and trust.

Rush Service: Rush service is available during regular business hours. Please contact our lab manager
regarding rush service. Due to seasonal volume, rush service may not be available during busy times of
the year.

Lab Materials Availability: We will be happy to provide any customer with order bags, or other lab
materials needed in preparing orders for our lab. Call, come in or email and we’ll provide you with the
order forms you need to create your order. If you have any questions about how to fill out the forms,
anyone of our friendly, qualified staff can assist you. Prices; specifications listed on this site may change
at anytime without notice.

Shipping Procedures: Outgoing shipping will be billed as quoted. Regular shipping is through USPS or
UPS standard ground rate. Please call customer service for information regarding our shipping charges.
If an order is damaged in shipping, call customer service immediately. Please keep all product and
shipping materials for the shipper’s inspection. We will handle all shipping problems quickly and

Copyright Policy: We honor all copyrights. Any photograph that has been professionally shot and printed
is protected by copyright. Please contact our staff regarding copyright regulations. We would be happy to
email our copyright policy to you upon request. Release forms are available to you at no charge if you
wish to grant or obtain copyright release.

Environmental: We recycle. We pride ourselves in maintaining high quality in each step of our
processing. The photographic process produces a silver bearing waste that is considered hazardous.
Our newer machines produce very little silver. By using the latest equipment, we remove all hazardous
material from all chemicals prior to disposal. We monitor and maintain this waste in complete
compliance within our State and County guidelines. We respect the environment and go beyond the
expectations of the law to insure a clean and safe work place for our community. We recycle the plastic
film canisters and disposable cameras. Local schools also reuse the plastic film canisters. We donate
the disposable camera batteries to local children charities.

Privacy and Security: Montclair 1 Hour Photo is committed to protecting your privacy. Any personal
information collected (name, address, e-mail, phone number, credit card information, and photographs),
in-house or on-line, is only used for processing orders. We do not disclose your information through sale,
trade, or rent to others. All on-line orders and transactions are secure as well.

Limit of Liability: Submitting any film, print, slide, negative or digital media to this lab for processing,
printing or other handling constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that any damage or loss by our company,
subsidiary, or agents, will only entitle you to a like amount and type of film and processing. Except for
such replacement, the acceptance by our company, subsidiary and/or agents of the film, print, slide,
negative or digital media is without other warranty or liability, and recovery by anyone for any incidental or
consequential damages is excluded irrespective of whether the damage occurs because of our
negligence, breach of contract, strict liability or other cause.
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