All photo restorations and alterations are done in-house. We take
great care of your original photos. Most restoration includes
scanning. For an additional $5.00 we can put your restored image
on a CD.  When you need more prints, just bring in the CD.
When Quality Counts...
Montclair Photo Lab in Oakland
photo restoration
photo restoration services in oakland
photo alterations
Average turnaround time is 3 to 5 days. It is better to restore old photos as soon as there are any signs of
age such as cracks, moisture damage, fading, silver oxidation, or discoloring. Even if your photo is still in
good condition, but you have that one little eye-sore, we can remove it, replace it, or cover it.

Bring in your photos for a free quote. You'll then be enjoying your new prints for a very long time.

We offer archiving services and digitizing of old photos and slides.  Get the images archived and save your
precious family photos into the new digital age.

Digital work is charged at $90/hr.  Minor work can cost as little as $15.  You can also buy time and tell us to
spend 1/2 an hour only.  Once you have the digital file it is locked from deteriorating some more and you can
have more work done at another time.

Come in and see our samples.
We can also alter photos.  Remove people, add people, do head swaps, change backgrounds, and
anything else you would like done.  Stop and see someone in our digital department and we will go over
pricing and your options.

Don't like the face you made in that group shot... no problem.  Bring in a photo you like and we will switch
the heads.  Tip - If you can find a photo that was taken from the same angle really helps and keeps the
price down.