Other Digital Services
Our scanning services are the best in the industry. We are using the best equipment and the latest
software to streamline our production flow in order to provide you with high quality and fast service.
Whether you need film, prints, slides, or artwork scanned, we have the service that will fit your needs.
Most film types are scanned on our Noritsu or Fuji Frontier.

Our standard digital format is JPEG. We can make your high resolutions images in a Tiff format if
you request it.  On our standard CD you get an image size of 1200 x 1800 and a low preview
resolution 518 x 768 (about a 85k file). Each CD comes with an index card of sharp mini thumbnails.
All images are rotated upright and color corrected. Multiple rolls are put on one CD unless requested
otherwise. See our
Resolution Guide for more information.

Frontier File Sizes:
Standard CD: 1228x1818 = 4x6 at 300dpi  ... 3mb JPG file
High Rez CD: 2434x3638 = 8x12 at 300dpi ... 6mb JPG file
Max Rez CD: 3036x4536 = 10x12 at 300dpi ... 9mb JPG file

Noritsu File Sizes:
Depending on the film format we can scan up to 12x18 at 360dpi making an 80mb Tiff file.  XPAN Tiff
format scans are 100mb files.

Flat Bed File Sizes:

Let us know what file size and file format you want.  If you don't know tell us what it's going to be used
for or your final output size. All flat bed scans are done on our Xerox 252 or professional Epson

You may request the high resolution scans to be in a TIF format.

An 8x12 scan gives you a 30mb file and 10x15 scan gives you a 40mb file. Our Noritsu can scan up
to 100mb Tiff file depending on the film type.   Keep in mind if all your high rez scans require more
CD's you will be charged $14.99 for each additional DVD burned.  We can also burn your scans to a
data DVD.
Photo CD
Archive all your old photos to CD or DVD

Make duplicates of all your memories.
We can now scan thousands of photos with our new scanner.  Ask us for more information and
bulk scanning prices.

The more you have, the less you pay per scan. This is the time to archive your shoebox of photos!  
Don't let your memories fade.
Montclair Photo
digital services
Archive Photos
Digitize your memories before they fade or discolor.  We offer many options
and organizing services.