YAHOO prekohr@yh Zadar2! Montclair Photo Digital Prints in Oakland
We got the latest technology to make your digital prints look great.  We print on REAL chemically processed
pohto paper.

Digital File Setup Guide

In order for us to provide consistent quality results from your digital image files, we need to create some
standards by which files are created and organized prior to delivery to our lab.  By following these guidelines,
your order be completed in a more timely manner. We have our auto-color correction feature turned off.  Each
image is manually color corrected before it is sent to the printer. This gives you better quality prints.  For best
results printing on chemically photo paper is to have your camera icc profile on sRGB.

There are now
NINE different ways to have your digital images printed at Montclair Photo
(six of them are online).

With the
Fuji Frontier 370 and Noritsu 3212, we can print  from digital images. We have all current digital
camera adapters. Bring in your files or transfer them online and get high quality prints on real photographic
paper. We color correct, saturate, and adjust the contrast levels so you can have a richer picture. For print
sizes and image quality see our
Resolution Guide. Send us your digital images from home. There are many
ways to
Upload Your Order online for FREE. Our printer supports TIFF's, JPG's, Kodak CD's, and digital
camera formats.
When Quality Counts...
* Order online and save time.

* The largest size we can print on
real photographic paper is 12x36.  
Anything larger is done on our wide
format printer with archival ink. See
Poster Prints for more information.

Please do not email us your photo
print order. If you do additional
charges may apply for preparing
Montclair Photo
Prints from smart phones
Dakis uploader
Digital Prints Pricing
Other Digital Services...
No App required.  Use our Dakis
system and place orders right out of
your phone or tablet  through your
There is a $3.66 minimum order. That's only 8 4x6 prints.
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