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Photo Mugs, Mouse Pads, Coasters and T-shirts: We can make these high quality items in-house.  
These make a perfect gift because they can be used for many years.  

Photo Sheet: We can print on 10x10 cloth sheets.  These are great for sewing pillow cases, bags, and

Make an enlargement: The largest size your negative is capable of producing depends on the quality of
the exposure and the quality of the image. The largest size we can print on real  photographic paper is
12x18 or 12x36 panoramic.

Posters and Canvas Wraps: Large Prints to be cherished: High quality prints using our premium fine art
paper or canvas will last 80 years.  Let us create a large print up to 24x36. See
Poster Prints and Canvas
Wraps for more information. However, we can scan your image and create a much larger photo with the
latest inkjet technology. These reproductions can be as large as 24x36.  

Photo Books: Create a custom photo book.  See photobooks for more information.

Archive  your old photos:  Montclair One Hour Photo can scan  photographs to CD or DVD. We can also
make duplicates of all your memories.  We can now scan thousands of photos with our new scanner.  Ask
us for more information and bulk scanning prices.  The more you have, the less you pay per scan. This is
the time to archive your shoe box of photos!

Framing: If you have a tight budget, we have a wide variety of standard sized frames that will compliment
your enlargement nicely. We can help by selecting the right color and adding matting to a larger frame.

Gag Gifts: We can create a copy of an old picture for a 40th or 50th birthday party, bachelor party,
bachelorette party, or other fun occasion. These can be used to “pin the tail on the donkey” games or just
to rattle the one being honored. These reprints can be sized up to 24x36.

Restore something old into something treasured: Take that old photo out of the box and let us restore it
to its original look with vibrant color. Whether it has cracks, tears or even if some of the image is missing,
we can restore it into a beautiful enlargement that will be worthy of framing and giving. See
Restoration /
Alteration for more information.

Greeting Cards: Montclair Photo has cards with a wide variety of styles that can celebrate any occasion.  
Births, birthdays, new home announcements, Christmas, wedding announcements and other special
events are all available. We can even custom design a card for you! See
Greeting & Holiday Cards for
more information.

Calendars: We can create a one page 12-month calendar or a 13 page 12-month calendar.  Stop by and
see our store samples.

Slide Scanning: Turn your fathers slides into a digital format or pictures: All those old slides of you and
your family are sitting in a box and you don’t remember the last time you were able to get out the slide
projector and view them. Bring in those old slides. We will scan them, and write them to a CD or DVD that
can be copied and sent to everyone that wants a copy.  We can make prints directly from your slides. You
and your family will appreciate the surprise of seeing those great memories of your childhood.  See Prints
from Slides or
Scanning / Photo CD for more information.

Transfer your family movies and videotapes to DVD:  DVD is the best technology available to preserve
those movies and tapes. We can even create a menu that allows you to view only the part you want. A fun
gift that everyone enjoys.  See more on
Video Transfers and DVDs.

Give yourself some lead-time: Photo labs begin to get very busy around the middle of November through
the middle of January due to the Christmas season. For the best service and the least amount of stress
for you, plan to have your gifts copied, printed, framed and done before the middle of November. Let
everyone else go crazy during the few weeks before Christmas!
Photo mug - Let Montclair Photo customize your personal 11oz mug with photos and text
photo mousepad
photo tshirt printed at Montclair Photo, Oakland, CA
When Quality Counts...
archiving photos - Let Montclair 1 Hour Photo scan your slides, negatives or pictures albums
photo gifts ideas at Montclair Photo.  We print custom gifts in Oakland.  Photo Calendars, Mousepads, photo mugs, and much more
There is no better gift to give to someone you love than a photograph that captures a treasured memory.
Montclair Photo has many great gift ideas that can be created at a reasonable cost and ready in a short
period of time.

We have a state-of-the-art system for high-quality color printing of personalized and customized images
onto fabrics, metals, canvas and ceramics.
fleece vest
Almost anything can be printed on with a submlimation process...   Stop by and see
our catalog!

Blankets (plush, fleece), Towels (beach, kitchen), Jackets, Shorts, Skirts, Shirts, Jerseys,
Women Tanktops, Polos, Cuff Bracelets, Sportwear, Robes, Vinyl Banners, Caps, Plaques,
Iron-on Patches, Car Mats, Photo Magnets, Pillows Covers, Aprons, Table Nampkins, Table
Cloths, Coasters, Shower Curtains, Soap Dispenser, Bath Mats, Baseball Bats,  Basketballs,
Baseballs, Hockey Pucks, Tote Bags, Duffel Bags,  Bumber Stickers, Stickers, Window
Mesh, Cromoluxe Metal Prints, Canvas, and the list goes on and on.

Most printable material comes in a choice of color.  Be creative and make a
collage layout for your gift item.
Montclair Photo
Photo Gift Ideas at Motntclair Photo Lab in Oakalnd, CA
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Montclair Photo online ordering for photo gifts
Photo Gifts ideas.. Montclair Photo sublimation printing on mugs, mousepads, metal prints, coaster, cuff bracelets and much more.
Montclair One Hour Photo now prints cuff bracelet in Oakland
Montclair Photo can make photo cuff bracelets in-house.  Choose
from satin metal a white gloss finish.  Choose your any pattern or
colors, or make a photo collage.  To order online use the "order
now" button on this page.
Montclair Photo is located in Montclair Village - 6170 Antioch St., Oakland, CA 94611     510-339-3686
Canvas wraps
Montclair Photo now creates flip-books from your digital camera videos
Custom printed iPhone cases for 4, 4s, and 5
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photos mounted on Bamboo.
Photo printed on an acrylic block
These are our store samples of photos mounted on bamboo.  
Shown is a 5x5 photo on a 3/4" thick block and a 4x6 photo on
a 1.5" thick bamboo block.
We can print two photos on these 5x7 hinged
frames for $24.99
Acrylic printing is great new way to show off your photos.  
The way light hits the acrylic block just makes the photo
pop.  Even landscape shot look amazing.  The 5x7
acrylic blocks are self standing.  Available only in vertical
blocks.... $49.99 ea.
Images printed on panels
Gift Guide
Fleece Blanket
Canvas Wraps
Fleece Blankets
Flip Books
iPhone Cases
Mouse Pads
Cuff Bracelets
Lasered Fleece Vest