We can duplicate almost anything
There are many ways to make a print from a print. We have the technology to restore
or alter your image when making your copies. See our digital
Restoration / Alteration
page for more information.
RUSH Service Available!

Copy Center: We now have a bw/color Xerox copier in-house for prints and copy
services. We can also digitize (PDF) your documents.  We can also print brochures,
postcards, invitations, business cards, etc.

Slide dupes: Slide Duplicates are copies of 35mm slides now done digitally.  This is
a two day service.

Print to Print: Scanning is the best way to reproduce a picture.  We use a flat bed
scanner to scan your print, clean up dust any dust spots, make some minor
adjustments, crop to size, transfer it through the network, and print your image out on
real photographic paper using one of our high quality photo printers.  We can blow up
a small photo to a
poster size print. You can get all your scans put on a CD for an
additional $5.00.

Digital Media Card to CD/DVD: We can transfer or copy your digital camera card to
CD. Normally we transfer images only - if you would want your videos transferred you
must let us know in advance.  

Copy Negative: This is a negative made from your original picture.  

Video Duplication:  The only duplicate / transfer services we out source are Video
Transfer / DVD services.  We offer some DVD services in-house.

CD / DVD Copy: We can make duplicate copies of your CD or DVD.

Slides From Prints: When making slides from your picture or art work that is not a
35mm format could have some cropping or unwanted background.  We can make
your slides in our digital department where we have more control in make your full
image fit on the slide with a clean black background. This involves
Scanning or
Digital Imaging and
Film Output.

Prints from Slides:  We can make prints directly from your slides.

Art Work We can duplicate your art work onto REAL photo paper, watercolor, canvas
or card stock.

Photo Restoration We have a digital department in-house for all your photo
restoration needs.

Copyright Policy: We honor all copyrights. Any photograph that has been
professionally shot and printed is protected by copyright. Please contact our staff
regarding copyright regulations. Release forms are available to you at no charge if
you wish to grant or obtain copyright release.
duplication services
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