E6 Slide Services
We offer  E-6 slide processing in-house for 35mm or 120 professional format.

CALL if you need a fast turn-around.  These days we don't run our machine as often to save chemicals
and keep the cost down.  We can still do slides with-in hours.  If you need it quick call and make sure the
slide processor is ready.

Every morning we run test strips to make sure our chemistry is within range before we put our
customers' rolls in the machine. We use plastic mounts.

We offer many more slide services.  We can make prints straight from your slide. Click on the name to
learn more.

Slide Duplication / Copy Service
Scanning / Photo CD
Slides From Digital Images
Slides From Prints
Poster Prints
Prints From Slides
The largest we can print on real chemically processed photo paper is 12x36.
 For larger print sizes see
poster prints that are printed with an wide format
archival ink jet printer.
When Quality Counts...
Montclair Photo
e6 developing
slide film
We sell E-6 slide film.