digital image recovery services
VERY IMPORTANT: STOP using your card.  If you don't use your card after you lost your images
there is a better chance we will recover your lost data.  If you use your card after you deleted your
image you may overwrite your lost data. (NOTE: If you formatted your card with a Fuji or Olympus
camera we may not be able to recover your files.)

Even if you did not delete or format your card, but cannot view your images we can recover them.  If
your camera gives you an error messages when you put your card in -or you get a message saying  
you need to format your card.  Do not format your card until after we recover your lost files.  If you did
format it we can still help you save your images.  We have the technology to restore lost data.  We
recommend you format your card after we recovered your lost files if you had any error messages or
corrupt images.

It doesn't cost you if we cannot scan any sectors on your media card.  Before we try to recover your
files we backup what we can.  We do not write to or edit your media card.  Your backup and all the files
we restore are put on a CD or DVD.

We can restore files from these types of media:  Smart Media (SM) , XD, Secure Digital (SD),
MultiMedia (MM), Compact Flash (CF), Memory Stick (MS), MicroDrive, CD, Zip Disk, USB Flash
Memory, and Floppy Disks.  

We can recover images, videos, audio files, Microsoft Office files, PDF files, and zipped files.

The more we know about to your files, the better chance of recovering them.  We have a Form (Word
document) below.  So far we have been recovering about 90% of all lost images.

This new in-house service is being offered to give peace of mind to the digital photographer.
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*There is a minimum recovery charge of $25.  
You will be charged the maximum price if we
feel we were able to recover most of the
images off your card.  If we cannot recover any
images off your card you will not be charged.
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