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iPhone printing
There are two ways to make prints from your smartphone.  There is no app required for our direct uploader
(blue button) or stop by and use our in-store kiosk.  
There is a $3.66 minimum order. That's only 8 4x6 prints.
Dakis uploader
Smartphone printing
Smartphone printing
Smartphone printing
Prints from smartphones
Please do not email us your print orders.  Thank you.
iPhones can select multiples
Androids upload one at a time.
Prints from smartphones
Be patient.  Your high res images
are being uploaded.  iPhones
may have a longer delay before
wheel starts to spin.
Prints from smartphones
Tip: Click on the batch button
to order the same size and
quantity of all your images.
Prints from smartphones
Choose glossy or matte
Prints from smartphones
Quick Review
Prints from smartphones
Prints from smartphones
NOTE: Name, Phone
and email are required
NOTE: To complete the order
you must click ORDER NOW
You are done when you see
the Thank You page.
This is what the upload process looks like. Please read the tips below.
iPhones with IOS7 may need to change the Safari settings to accept cookies and turn off private browsing.
iPhone tip:  If web app does not launch you must turn set your cookies to "trust visited sites" or to "never block".  The
web app uses cookies to remember which images you selected to upload.  

Go to settings and then under Safari you will find these options.
Before  you start also turn off Private mode in Safari.
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